Grayson Perry's Full English

Grayson Perry's Full English

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"A thoughtfully curated meander through ideas of Englishness: nostalgia, class, difference, belonging, hierarchy and rebellion." Observer

"Thanks to his enduring interest in people rather than the clichés, Full English stands very comfortably alongside Grayson Perry’s other three-part series in its useful, empathetic interrogation of identity and modern life. Once again, his findings are enlightening, surprising and rather moving." The Telegraph

"There remains no-one better to needle our fractured, complicated national consciousness than Grayson Perry." i Newspaper


In this series, Grayson Perry travels around England to try to uncover what Englishness means today. He meets a variety of people who all have their own idea of Englishness, and asks them each for an object to include in an exhibition of Englishness later this year. So, who are the English?

In the first episode, Grayson travels across the south with his white-van driver, Kirk, asking whether we are still attached to a version of Englishness that no longer exists.

In episode two, Grayson explores the midlands, meeting people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Is there a version of Englishness they feel can stand for them?

And in the final episode Grayson travels across the north of England in search of the northern soul. Does the region people are from now mean more to them than being English?


Series Directed and Filmed by Christian Collerton

Executive Producers: Neil Crombie and Joe Evans

Producers: Shayna Layton and Lindsey Hammond

Assistant Producer: Shana Dhillon

Film Editors: Sean Mackenzie and Duncan O'Neill

Researcher: Mary Koang

Production Managers: Tejumade Oluokun and Olivia Edwards


3x1 Hours for Channel 4

Distributed by All3Media International