Skeg Vegas

Skeg Vegas

Like Las Vegas, Skegness is a town built on live entertainment. For agents and performers this is where dreams are made!and broken.

For six weeks over the summer Skegness comes alive. With over a million holiday-makers visiting Europes largest caravan park complex, demand for entertainment is feverish. Competition between the artistes is fierce. And the audiences can be brutal.

Virtually everyone in the town is involved in some way in the live entertainment industry. This revealing documentary follows the work of manager Noel Gee, who, along with his trusty sidekick and legendary Skegness glam rocker Kriz Garrick, can help dreams become reality.

It may be a million miles away from Nevadas Sin City, but the highs and lows of Skegness are just as visceral.

Skeg Vegas tells the compelling stories of the heartbreak and triumph of this talent circuit, showing the real, vibrant, honest, big-hearted world of the coalface of British live entertainment.

2 x1 Hours for Channel 4