Working Class White Men

Working Class White Men

"An astute and sensitive piece of programme-making...In Professor Green TV has found an authentic voice in socially relevant factual film-making...Louis Theroux for the millenial generation." The Telegraph

"Professor Green is now making a bit of name for himself as a maker of thoughtful, empathetic, relevant documentaries. Which this is. They trust him, he gets them, and gets to the issues." The Guardian

"Green is a sincere and insightful presence...articulate, endearing young men share their experiences, and the results are frank and revealing." i News

"A riveting series...Professor Green was emotionally invested, deeply articulate and authentic throughout." Highly commended by the Grierson Awards jury.

In Britain today many working class white men feel demonised, forgotten and angry. Presented by Professor Green this documentary explores what life is really like for these men, why many of them feel abandoned, and what the consequences are for Britain if we continue to look away.

Raised by his Nan on a council estate in Hackney, Professor Green is himself from a working class, low income background. Over a period of six months he follows six working class white men in different parts of the country to understand what life in modern Britain is like for them. He examines the challenges and barriers these men face in education, work, family life and in the way the rest of society regards them.